Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hold your beauty with home-made products

Beauty freaks often do face a problem. While their hearts say buy all of those alluring beauty products, their minds pain to shell out a bomb. Most of these products drill holes in your purse. If you are smart, you can deal with it. Save a lot by just making your favorite products at home. Most of the ingredients are pocket-friendly. All you need to do is spend your leisure trying them out. Self-make and glow. Here is a list of beauty products that you can do it yourself.

Coconut oil honey hair mask: Coconut oil and honey make the best comfort combo for your hair. Your hair will feel amazing, thanks to the richness of coconut oil and the antibacterial property that honey has. It will soften your hair, smoothen and give it the perfect glow.
Tea Tree and lemon scrub: Don’t spend on buying chemical scrubs. Instead, make your own using tea tree oil and lemon. It will give your skin a pinch of refreshing relief, all credits to the essence of lemon along with the pine like the smell of tea tree oil. While tea tree oil can deal with acne and redness, lemon will serve as the best natural astringent for your skin.
Thyme cream: Why go for chemicals to treat your pimples when you have nature’s way? Use Thyme essential oils and its natural healing properties will help you let go of the blotches and jojoba oil will soothe your skin.
Make your own summer lotion: A mix of calendula and chamomile, specially made for winters, this home-made lotion can help you keep your skin soft even in summers.
Custom nail polish: It is wow to make custom nail polish. It saves you from paying the retail prices and allows you to maintain the color of your choice that you can never obtain from pre-made polishes. Just mix your clear polish along with eyeshadow to get the color you want to flaunt on your nails.
Not a salon for hot oil hair treatment: Why spend a bomb on salons when can get your own hot oil hair treatment done at home. Just stock the oils you need, warm them up, squeeze a lemon and apply to your hair for soft and smooth hair.
Coffee mud mask: A blend of coffee with bentonite clay is the perfect food for your skin as it pulls out the toxins and makes it glow. Making the mask with apple cider vinegar instead of water just makes the mask more effective.